Director's RingBinder, no straps

Director's RingBinder, no straps

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The No-Straps Band or Director RingBinder has a clear pouch on the left, a side-expanding pocket on the right, 2 pencil holders, a name card & name-card holder. Perfect for accompanists, directors (who have no need for a choral hand-strap), and bands of all kinds who mainly use hole-punched music.

Accompanists, Directors (who never plan to use a choral hand-strap) and bands of all kinds, who mainly like to use hole-punched music, will find this a good choice for their requirements. It has a clear pouch on the left for your program order or gig set-list; a side-expanding pocket on the right for that score that's just too thick to hole-punch easily; and a very solid set of locking 1" rings which only open by pushing the tab at the bottom. The rings join with a peg-and-hole design that cannot mis-align. The folder opens perfectly flat for use on a stand or piano. This durable folio has no breakable plastic welds in the body of the folder, as it is a one-piece design with creases to flex it around the rings.

Two pencil holders are included so you're never without (and so left-handed musicians know that we care). A name card, and name-card holder are included, and the cover material, corner protectors, and warp-resistant core are the same quality as all of our best-in-class folders. 

Specifications & Key Features

  • Dimensions (Width x Height): 257 x 322mm; (Depth): approx 41mm with empty pockets
  • Weight: 360g
  • two pencil holders
  • durable, lightweight black leatherette
  • solidly mounted, locking 1" rings with snag-free closure for silent page turns, and one-touch tab to open
  • corner protectors
  • business card pocket with name card
  • expandable pocket on right; clear pocket on left