Medeli M17, 61 Note Keyboard

Medeli M17, 61 Note Keyboard

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The Medeli M17 portable keyboard is perfect for the beginning pianist looking for a great value and deep features. The M17 from Medeli features touch-response keys allow for a more expressive and nuanced performance, and is packed with many sounds and styles for experimentation, while its bass-boost stereo speaker system delivers impressive full range audio for small performances and home practice.

The hallmark of the Medeli M17 is the highly playable touch sensitive 61 note keyboard. The exceptionally dynamic response ensures that the sound of the keyboard changes depending on how soft or hard you strike the keys. A Gentler touch will produce a much softer sound, whereas harder play produces a much louder sound, accurately simulating the feel of acoustic pianos. This touch response functionality gives you an opportunity to create dynamic passages and provides a seamless transition to concert acoustic pianos.

The Medeli M17 keyboard is equipped with 390 different sounds and 100 styles to accompany you as you play. These accompaniment tracks include music in virtually every genre, from rock and pop to jazz and country. You can also set the tempo of the accompaniment to practice your timing and add variety to the song with controls for fills and fade-ins/outs. The keyboards large backlit LCD menu allows you to easily setup and navigate between the different sounds and styles you want to play. It also gives you instant access to even more features including over 110 Demo songs to play along, setting up dual voice for layering sounds, and split mode for dividing the keyboard into different sound sections. You can even use the LCD to choose between various different reverb and chorus effects to as you craft the sound of your dreams.

Portability with Built-in Speakers
The Medeli M17 provides loud and clear sound thanks to the built in super bass speaker system. Powered by dual 10w amplifiers, the super bass system gives the keyboard booming but rich low-frequency performance with significant bite and clarity. Ideal for travel, the Medeli M17 is very lightweight and can even run on battery power (6-AA not included).


  • 61 Key Portable Keyboard
  • Touch Response Technology simulates feel of authentic acoustic pianos
  • Large Backlit LCD for easy setup and navigation
  • 390 different Sounds
  • 100 accompaniment styles spanning all genres
  • 110 Demo Songs for learning
  • Split layer mode for student/teacher sessions
  • Dual voice mode for layering different sounds
  • Pitch bend wheel
  • Large master volume control
  • USB output for use with music software
  • ¼ Headphone output for quiet practice
  • Sustain pedal input
  • Selectable reverb and chorus effects
  • Built in metronome and record mode