Pocket-Tone Pitchpipe

Pocket-Tone Pitchpipe

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The PocketTones Pitch Pipe is used to maintain a perfect pitch each and every time you use it.

The PocketTones Pitch Pipe can even be stored on a keychain, hung on a lanyard, or kept in a pouch for perfect pitch on hand.

The volume ranges from near-silence for your private pitch needs, or loud enough to provide sectional pitches to a large choir during practice or a show.

  • Extremely portable, robust, unobtrusive and very affordable
  • The 12-note variation is perfect for instrumentalists or vocalists . You can provide pitch for the notes of a chord in order.
  • Batteries included (AG-13) – get perfect pitch, right out of the box!
  • Prevent accidental acitvation in your pocket or bag with an ON/OFF switch on the back
  • Use it as a tuner. The PocketTones pitch pipe shuts off automatically after 15 seconds.
  • Feel comfortable sharing it with other people – it’s far more sanitary than an acoustic pitch pipe, and just as accurate.
  • Get the right note right away when you practice and need to recall what a certain interval sounds like
  • Size:  (7.5 x 3 x 1.3 cm) Weight:  (30g)