Piano Buyers Guide

Piano Buyers Guide-

Getting the best value when looking for your next piano... 

Rely on a reputable Registered Piano Technician who will be able provide an independent assessment, valuation and technical advice when viewing a piano.

Pianos are complex in their construction and operation, so having professional advice can save you from making a costly mistake.

Play a number of pianos both within and outside of your price range to gain a sense of value for money. Don’t bother with free pianos or the generous friend offering you a piano that has been stored in an unlined shed for some years. These can be more of a problem than they’re worth. If it’s cheap it likely means its past its use by date and has been neglected.

Consider the pianist. Pianos are first and foremost a musical instrument and this aspect should be the main focus when selecting a piano. The case styling and finish are obviously important but should take second place to how the instrument performs, how it sounds, the touch response and overall feeling the pianist gets from playing the piano. Consider also the future playing level the pianist may achieve and aim for a piano that can lift the performance level so the pianist and listeners gain pleasure from hearing even the simplest of pieces played.  

After viewing a range of pianos, set yourself a price that you can afford, or a little more. Then aim to find the most satisfying instrument within the range you have set. Remember the adage, ‘No one ever regretted buying quality’ and this is particularly true with musical instruments. Also a good quality musical instrument should last a long time and retain its value far better than a lesser quality one.

View our range of ready to go pianos, all satisfying our stringent quality criteria. We often have reasonably priced trade-in pianos that are very acceptable, perfect for an emerging pianist.

For comprehensive help in choosing your next piano, contact us here and we’ll be happy to assist you in your journey.