Casio PX-S7000, 'Harmonious Mustard'
Casio PX-S7000, 'Harmonious Mustard'
Casio PX-S7000, 'Harmonious Mustard'
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Casio PX-S7000, 'Harmonious Mustard'

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With its sophisticated design, uncompromised sound, authentic touch, and innovative functions, the Privia series has reimagined the way pianos can be incorporated into our lives. The Privia PX-S7000/PX-S6000 models combine Casio’s leading technology with stylish designs to let you experience a new degree of harmony with your lifestyle and environment. The PX-S7000 model comes in three colours, complete with built-in pedals and stand that exquisitely realises the traditional aesthetics of the piano, while the PX-S6000 can be played with or without the stand (CS-90P; sold separately) depending on your preferences and situation. With the PX-S7000/PX-S6000, you can have the freedom to choose the style that best suits your lifestyle.

With its modern, minimalist and harmonious design, the PX-S7000/PX-S6000 is not only an excellent choice as an instrument but it can also complement any room and be appreciated as an interior piece. The PX-S7000 model is available in various colors, but both the PX-S7000/PX-S6000 models guarantee an excellent balance of quality, style, and harmony with your life. Personalize and upgrade your space with the PX-S7000/PX-S6000.

Beautiful All around, Harmonious in All Environments

The PX-S7000/PX-S6000 models have a stylish design embellished with wooden-pattern details that give it a modern, minimalist impression that can be appreciated from any angle. The PX-S7000 model comes complete with built-in pedals and linear stand with wooden patterns that give it an airy, light impression that complements the design of the body. Alternatively, the PX-S6000 is highly adaptable to any situation. You can choose to add the stand (CS-90P; sold separately) or place the piano on any surface depending on your preferences and the environment. In order to achieve an all-round smoothness, the back of both models is lined with a speaker fabric which is made from an original material that covers the speakers and gives it a sleek look even from the back. Additionally, LED touch buttons are installed on the top, to remove unnecessary protrusions from the console and present a cleaner, simpler surface. Enjoy the style and possibilities of the brilliant PX-S7000/PX-S6000.

Colours Chosen to Harmonize with Your Interiors

The colour variations of the PX-S7000/PX-S6000 were carefully selected for the pianos to harmonize with any environment. The PX-S7000 comes in classic black, white, and “Harmonious Mustard” which is a gentle hue of yellow inspired by European interior styles and masterfully blended to convey a sense of uniqueness. This cordial colour is designed to harmonize beautifully with many different surroundings and adds brightness to any space as an interior piece. Meanwhile, the glossy black PX-S6000 model has sections with wooden patterns that gives it a natural look and allows it to blend in with a wide variety of rooms. From the Harmonious Mustard of the PX-S7000 to the bicoloured-black model of the PX-S6000, you can choose the design that best suits you and your style.

The PX-S7000/PX-S6000 incorporates Casio’s innovative keyboard mechanism and digital control technology, delivering the highest playability of the series. Both models are equipped with an excellent sound system and sound source technology, enabling the players to be fully immersed in their music and bring life into their performance. Harness an even broader range of musical expression with the PX-S7000/PX-S6000.


The Best Sound, Everywhere You Desire

The PX-S7000/PX-S6000 is installed with Casio’s latest patent-pending sound system technology that promises the best audio performance yet! This is made possible by the four excellent built-in speakers incorporated into the hybrid body that is made with wood and resin materials. This combination enhances the power and clarity of the sound and has expanded the natural sound field of the piano. It also enables the innovative Piano Position function, which allows you to select the acoustic settings depending on where the piano is placed and enjoy high-quality sound in any location. Revel in the freedom to truly express your music anywhere you desire.

The Smooth Touch of a Grand Piano

The PX-S7000/PX-S6000 delivers the genuine touch of a grand piano thanks to the Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboard. This mechanism digitally controls the sound response generated by each key and has been designed to have the same hammer feeling as a grand piano. Each of the individual 88 keys has a unique and delicate touch, depending on the keyboard range and how it is played. With this function and mechanism, the piano can faithfully convey the nuanced expressions of the player. The white keys are made from a hybrid structure that uses spruce in addition to resin; and the white and black keys replicate the ivory and ebony texture, enabling the same feel as when you play a grand piano. Enjoy the authentic touch and quality of performance with the PX-S7000/PX-S6000. 

Improved Pedals, Improved Possibilities

Modeled on the design of the concert grand piano, the built-in pedals of the PX-S7000 have been greatly improved. The pedals have a greater interval with an increased length and optimized weight for longer strokes, offering more stability and comfort for the player. They are also installed with two adjusters and strengthened pedal hinges to allow even more complex controls and adjustments.

Beautifully Captures the Sound of a Grand Piano

The complex structures contained inside the large body of a grand piano creates a range of resonances that give it a rich, detailed and unique sound. Casio's original Multi-Dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source accurately generates the unique resonances of a grand piano. The PX-S7000/PX-S6000 delivers a vivid, harmonically rich sound thanks to the dense overtones of each individual string for all of the 88 keys which are tuned to its unique speaker system. The expressive changes in timbre created by the instrument's response to key velocity and the temporal change from keystrokes are finely controlled, giving you the freedom to truly express yourself across a wide variety of playing styles, from soft and nuanced to dynamic and powerful.

A Myriad of Tones at Your Fingertips

The PX-S7000/PX-S6000 is equipped with a variety of tones of numerous instruments from grand pianos to electric pianos, and other acoustic and electronic instruments. Not only the tones but even the ways that each instrument responds have been recreated down to the smallest detail, making it possible to cater to a variety of musical genres and styles. Among these wide varieties of tones, there are the "Best-Hit Pianos" & "Classic E. Piano 1" as well as some others, which faithfully reproduce the tones that were played in timeless, world-famous songs of all times (The PX-S6000 is installed with the “Classic E. Piano 1” as well as some other instruments). Experiment and expand your sound by using the myriad of instruments and immerse yourself in the world of the classics with the exact tones from your favourite tracks.

Real Time Expression with Ease

The ability to control the sound in real time while playing the piano opens up many new ways to enjoy and express yourself. The PX-S7000/PX-S6000 is installed with a wide range of DSP effects and Tone Modify* function for refining even more complex tones. Both models are also equipped with the Arpeggiator function, which can automatically provide arpeggio patterns depending on the music you are playing and give assistance to the player. The PX-S7000/PX-S6000 is also installed with the CONTROL button, the pitch bend wheel and expression pedal input. Additionally, the PX-S7000 has two EX buttons, while the PX-S6000 comes with two knobs. Using these, you can control the DSP effects, Tone Modify, Arpeggiator, and other parameters in real time with a single touch, and enjoy dynamic changes as your heart desires. You can also register these items mentioned above using the registration function, and revisit your favorite setting combinations at any time. Explore new and fun ways to customize and create your own musical expression.

*The Tone Modify function on the PX-7000 requires the Casio Music Space app to operate. On the PX-6000, it can also be adjusted with the knobs.

Explore new heights of creativity with the PX-S7000/PX-S6000. Numerous functions such as the Bluetooth® Audio/MIDI feature (its adaptor, WU-BT10 is included), Microphone Effects, and the free mobile app CASIO MUSIC SPACE are available to enhance your creative process. Discover the PX-S7000/PX-S6000’s musical experience beyond just playing the piano.

Bring the Live Performance to Your Room with Wireless Functions

Connect your smartphone, tablet or other compatible devices to the piano using Casio’s original Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor WU-BT10 and access Bluetooth Audio. By accessing the PX-S7000/PX-S6000’s wireless function, you can play your favorite tracks or listen to your own performance through its excellent sound system and bring the experience directly to you. For the PX-S7000, when playing music via the Bluetooth Audio, the touch ring and the LED touch buttons glow with movement in time with the song. Additionally, you can connect your piano to your devices using the MIDI function and unleash an even broader range of musical possibilities.  Explore new and fun ways to create and listen to music with the PX-S7000/PX-S6000.

*The Bluetooth® word mark and logo are registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and are used by Casio Computer Co., Ltd. under license. All other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

Personalize Your Experience with The Original App

Install the free mobile app CASIO MUSIC SPACE to your smartphone or tablet to unlock various exciting features. Control the tone, touch response, resonance, metronome and many more parameters with just a single hand by using your device as a remote controller. The mobile app also allows you to monitor and adjust multiple features at once, so you can customize your playing experience with ease.

Experiment with Your Music Using the New Microphone Functions

By connecting a microphone of your choice to the standard phone MIC IN jack (TS phone), you can hear your voice in excellent sound quality from the piano speakers along with the sound of the instrument. You can also add basic effects like correcting overall sound texture, dynamics and reverb, or add in more drastic edits to your vocals while playing. Moreover, the PX-S7000/PX-S6000 has a recording function, so you can capture your vocals and your playing at the same time. Customize your creation to your heart’s content and indulge in perfecting the tone and atmosphere of your tune.


You can store the PX-S6000 in its optional carrying case (SC-900P; sold separately) and enjoy music whenever and wherever you like. The PX-S7000 can also be put into its case by detaching its built-in pedals and stand. Whether it's your living room or your friend’s house, the PX-S7000/PX-S6000 can be carried with you to the location of your choice. Express yourself with top-quality sound, wherever your heart desires.