More Up-Grade Piano G0-1 Wedgwood

More Up-Grade Piano G0-1 Wedgwood

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More Up-Grade! Piano Grades 0-1 follow on the success of Pam Wedgwood’s Up-Grade! Series, offering more original repertoire for pianists looking for something to bridge the gap between preparatory level and Grade 1. The varied pieces in this bright collection are demonstrated on the online audio and range from toe-tapping jazzy numbers to more classical styles, all designed to ease you gently on towards the next grade.


  1. Bits And Pieces
  2. Beefburger Boogie
  3. A Peaceful Moment
  4. Paperchase
  5. The Very Fat Toad
  6. Robin Hood
  7. Cowboy Concerto
  8. The Brave Knight
  9. Winter Palace
  10. Temple Of Doom
  11. Remote Control
  12. The Sad Princess
  13. It’s Cool, Man
  14. The Little Blind Donkey
  15. In The Hall Of The Mountain Bear
  16. Tubbies On Parade
  17. Black Cherry Fair

There are several spin-offs to the Up-Grade! Series for piano, including jazz, pop, Christmas and duets.