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100 Easy Classics

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100 Easy Classics For Piano brings together easy piano arrangements of classic favourites from over 40 composers including: Air on a G String; Barcarolle; Blue Danube; Cradle Song; España; Für Elise; The Lost Chord; Moonlight Sonata; Morning; O for the Wings of a Dove; Post Horn Galop; Sheep May Soflty Graze; To a Wild Rose; Tritsch-tratsch Polka; Wedding March and Zampa.

The pieces have been arranged with the inexperienced player particularly in mind; the melody often appears as single notes only, with the left hand supplying a straightforward accompaniment. Many of the tunes have been transposed into simpler keys and occasionally some of the original decorative piano figuration has been simplified. The result is a veritable treasury of all-time best-loved music arranged for piano. 


  1. Air (Water Music) (Handel)
  2. Air On The G String (Orchestral Suite No.3 In D) (Bach)
  3. Artist's Life (Strauss)
  4. Ave Maria (Bach) (Gounod)
  5. Ave Maria Op.52 No.6 (Schubert)
  6. Ballet Music (Rosamunde) (Schubert)
  7. Barcarolle (Les Contes D'hoffmann) (Offenbach)
  8. Black Eyes (Russian Gypsy Song)
  9. Bridal March (Lohengrin) (Wagner)
  10. Chanson Triste (Tchaikovsky)
  11. Chant Sans Paroles Op.2 No.3 (Tchaikovsky)
  12. Cradle Song (Schubert)
  13. Dance Of The Hours (Ponchielli)
  14. Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy (The Nutcracker Suite Op.71a) (Tchaikovsky)
  15. Die Fledermaus (Strauss)
  16. Espana (Chabrier)
  17. Flower Song (Faust) (Gounod)
  18. Fur Elise (Bagatelle In A Minor Woo 59) (Beethoven)
  19. Galop And Can-can (Orpheus In The Underworld) (Offenbach)
  20. Habanera (Carmen) (Bizet)
  21. Hark! Hark! The Lark (Schubert)
  22. Hedge Roses (Schubert)
  23. Humoresque (Dvorak)
  24. Hungarian Dance (Brahms)
  25. Hungarian Rhapsody No.1 (Liszt)
  26. Invitation To The Waltz (Weber)
  27. La Golondrina (The Swallow) (Serradell)
  28. Largo (Symphony No.9 In E Minor 'From The New World' Op.95) (Dvorak)
  29. Largo (Handel)
  30. Liebestraum (Liszt)
  31. Light Cavalry (Suppe)
  32. Lullaby Waltz (Brahms)
  33. March (Scipio) (Handel)
  34. March (Tannhauser) (Wagner)
  35. March (The Nutcracker) (Tchaikovsky)
  36. March (William Tell Overture) (Rossini)
  37. March Militaire (Schubert)
  38. Mazurka (Coppelia) (Delibes)
  39. Melodie In F (Rubenstein)
  40. Minute Waltz In D Flat Op. 64 No.1 (Chopin)
  41. Moment Musicale Op.94 No.3 (Schubert)
  42. Moonlight Sonata Op.27 No.2 (Beethoven)
  43. Morgenblatter (Strauss)
  44. Morning (Peer Gynt Suite Op.46 No.1) (Grieg)
  45. Morning, Noon And Night (Suppe)
  46. Minuet In G (Beethoven)
  47. Narcissus (Nevin)
  48. Nocturne In E Flat (Chopin)
  49. O For The Wings Of A Dove (Mendelssohn)
  50. On Wings Of Song (Mendelssohn)
  51. Over The Waves (Rosas)
  52. Pas Des Fleurs (Delibes)
  53. Pizzicato (Sylvia) (Delibes)
  54. Pizzicato Polka (Strauss)
  55. Poet And Peasant (Suppe)
  56. Polonaise In A (Chopin)
  57. Polonaise In A Flat (Chopin)
  58. Post Horn Galop (Koenig)
  59. Radetzky March (Strauss)
  60. Rigoletto (Verdi)
  61. Romeo And Juliet Waltz (Gounod)
  62. Roses From The South (Strauss)
  63. Schlummerlied (Slumber Song) (Schumann)
  64. Second Movement (Fantasie Impromptu Op.66) (Chopin)
  65. Serenade (Schubert)
  66. Sheep May Safely Graze (Cantata No.208) (Bach)
  67. Skaters' Waltz (Waldteufel)
  68. Sleeping Beauty Waltz (Tchaikovsky)
  69. Soldiers' Chorus (Faust) (Gounod)
  70. Sonata In C (Mozart)
  71. Sonata In C Minor 'Pathetique' Op.13 (Beethoven)
  72. Song Of The Toreador (Bizet)
  73. Song Of The Volga Boatman
  74. Spring Song (Mendelssohn)
  75. Tales From The Vienna Woods (The Concert Waltz Op.325) (Strauss)
  76. Tango (Albeniz)
  77. The Blue Danube Waltz Op.314 (Strauss)
  78. The Happy Farmer Op.68 No.10 (Album For The Young) (Schumann)
  79. The Lost Chord (Sullivan)
  80. The Maiden's Prayer (Badarzewska)
  81. The Merry Wives Of Windsor (Nicolai)
  82. Theme (Concerto In B Flat Minor) (Tchaikovsky)
  83. Theme (Symphony No.8 In B Minor 'Unfinished') (Schubert)
  84. To A Wild Rose (Woodland Sketches Op.51) (Macdowell)
  85. Tritsch Tratsch Polka (Strauss)
  86. Trumpet Voluntary (Purcell)
  87. Valse (Chopin)
  88. Valse Ballet (Delibes)
  89. Valse Des Fleurs (Casse Noisette) (Tchaikovsky)
  90. Voices Of Spring (Strauss)
  91. Waltz (Gounod)
  92. Waltz (Swan Lake) (Tchaikovsky)
  93. Waves Of The Danube (Ivanovici)
  94. Wedding March (A Midsummer Night's Dream) (Mendelssohn)
  95. Where E'er You Walk (Handel)
  96. Who Is Sylvia? (Schubert)
  97. Wiegenlied (Cradle Song) (Mozart)
  98. Wiener Blut (Strauss)
  99. Wine, Woman And Song (Strauss)
  100. Zampa (Herold)