Faber The Best of Grade 2 Flute

Faber The Best of Grade 2 Flute

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The Best of Grade 2 Flute is a major collection of the best loved pieces and studies selected by the leading examination boards, from current favourites to forgotten gems. Technically tried and tested, all the pieces have been rigorously researched by flute expert Sally Adams.

A CD of performances and piano accompaniments is included, as well as useful practice tips.


  1. Hungarian Fantasie (Andersen)
  2. Tambourin (Somis)
  3. What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor? (Trad.)
  4. Oh Soldier, Soldier (Trad.)
  5. Barcarolle (Tchaikovsky)
  6. Cat Walk (Wedgwood)
  7. Jig Along (Chamberlain)
  8. Sea Chant (Sculthorpe)
  9. Mai (Fauré)
  10. Piece No. 3 (Koechlin)
  11. In Part Only: Hessian Dance (Anon.)
  12. Study No.14 (Baermann)
  13. The Sun From The East (Anon.)
  14. Study No.40 (Rae)
  15. Old Japanese Folk Song (Trad.)
  16. Galloping Galoshes & Arabian Apricot (Harris)
  17. Hallelujah! (Wedgwood)