Handel, Keyboard Works

Handel, Keyboard Works

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This collection presents 35 of Handel's finest keyboard works for solo instruments, reproduced from the monumental Deutsche Händelgesellschaft edition. Popular, accessible selections include the celebrated Eight Great Suites, including the Harmonious Blacksmith Air and the Passacaille in G Minor as well as sonatas, partitas, and other works.


This exciting volume features 35 neglected works from Handel's vast oeuvre, originally jotted down as improvisations. Includes 8 Great Suites, and others. New sequence.


Table of Contents

Suite in A Major (HG II/i/1)

  Prelude (G 1)

  Allemande (G 2)

  Courante (G 3)

  Gigue (G 4)

Fugue in A Minor (G17) (HG II/iv/5)

Prelude (G 18) and Lesson (G19) in A Minor (HG II/iii/6)

Fugue in B Minor (G 27) (HG II/iv/4)

Suite in B-flat Major (HG II/ii/7)

  Allemande (G 30)

  Courante (G 31)

  Sarabande (G 32)

  Gigue (G 33)

Suite in B-flat Major (HG II/ii/1)

  Prelude (G 34)

  Sonata (Allegro) (G 35)

  Air (with 5 variations) (G 36)

Fugue in B-flat Major (G 37) (HG II/iv/3)

Sonatina in B-flat Major (G 40) (HG II/iii/10)

Sonata in C Major (HG II/iii/12)

  Allegro (G 56)

  Trio (G 57)

  Gavotte (G 58)

Sonata in C Major (G 59) (HG II/iii/11)

Fantasia in C Major (G 60) (HG II/iii/4

Fugue in C Minor (G 83) (HG II/iv/6)

Suite in D Minor (HG II/ii/4)

  Allemande (G 108)

  Courante (G 109)

  Sarabande (with 2 variations) (G 110)

  Gigue (G 111)

Suite in D Minor (HG II/i/3)

  Prelude (G 112)

  Allegro [Fugue] (G 113)

  Allemande (G 114)

  Courante (G 115)

  Air (with 5 variations) (G 116)

  Presto (G 117)

Suite in D Minor (HG II/ii/3)

  Allemande (G 118)

  Allegro (G 119)

  Air [Sarabande] (G 120)

  Gigue (G 121)

  Minuet (G 122)

Suite in D Minor (HG II/iii/1)

  Allemande (G 123)

  Courante (G 124)

  Sarabande (G 125)

  Gigue (G 126)

Suite in E Major (HG II/i/5)

  Prelude (G 145)

  Allemande (G 146)

  Courante (G 147)

  "Air (with 5 variations; "Harmonious Blacksmith") (G 148)"

Suite in E Minor (HG II/ii/5)

  Allemande (G 160)

  Sarabande (G 161)

  Gigue (G 162)

Suite in E Minor (HG II/i/4)

  Allegro [Fugue] (G 163)

  Allemande (G 164)

  Courante (G 165)

  Sarabande (G 166)

  Gigue (G 167)

Suite/Sonata in F Major (HG II/i/2)

  Adagio (G 175)

  Allegro (G 176)

  Adagio (G 177)

  Allegro [Fugue] (G 178)

  Allegro (G 179)*

Capriccio in F Major (G 183) (HG II/iii/8)

Chaconne in F Major (G 184) (HG II/iii/5)

Suite in F Minor (HG II/i/8)

  Prelude (G 193)

  Fugue (Allegro) (G 194)

  Allemande (G 195)

  Courante (G 196)

  Gigue (G 197)

Suite in F-sharp Minor (HG II/i/6)

  Prelude (G 204)

  Largo (G 205)

  Allegro [Fugue] (G 206)

  Gigue (G 207)

Suite (Partita) in G Major (HG II/ii/8)

  Allemande (G 211)

  Allegro (G 212)

  Courante (G 213)

  Aria (G 214)

  Minuet (G 215)

  Gavotte (G 216)

  Gigue (G 217)

Chaconne (with 62 variations) in G Major (G 228) (HG II/ii/9)

Chaconne (with 21 variations) in G Major (G 229) (HG II/ii/2)

Fugue in G Major (G 231) (HG II/iv/2)

Minuet in G Minor (G 242) (part of HG II/ii/1)

Suite in G Minor (HG II/ii/6)

  Allemande (G 246)

  Courante (G 247)

  Gigue (G 249)

Suite in G Minor (HG II/i/7)

  Ouverture (G 250)

  Andante (G 251)

  Allegro (G 252)

  Sarabande (G 253)

  Gigue (G 254)

  Passacaille (Chaconne) (G 255)

Suite in G Minor (HG II/iii/2)

  Allemande (G 260)

  Courante (G 261)

  Sarabande (G 262)

  Gigue (G 263)

Fugue in G Minor (G 264) (HG II/iv/1)

Prelude (G 265) and Sonata (Allegro) (G 266) in G Minor (HG II/iii/9)

Capriccio in G Minor (G 270) (HG II/ii/3)