Sunrise,  Music from NZ for Young Pianists

Sunrise, Music from NZ for Young Pianists

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Fifty-nine works suitable for pianists of preliminary to Grade 2 levels, some suitable for rote teaching, others challenging and adventurous.

A celebration of new sounds, new ideas, new music written by NZ composers from all over the world.

Many of the works in this album have audio samples here.

Gillian Bibby comments: "Here are games and dreams, rain and sun, dancing cats and mournful birds, dysfunctional machines, mice, a giant, dodos ... here are pieces on one note, with variable time signatures, or irregular rhythms. Here are ensembles demanding precision and dreamy clusters with super-long pauses ... here are pencils helping the pedal stay down, a whale's slow glissando of a yawn, a knocking of the knuckles on the lid, interacting overtones to listen for ... here are variations and a canon, 'moments' of music and longer songs, a piece just in fourths, another with parallel 6/4 chords ... here is a pentatonic piece and there one with right hand playing just black notes while the left hand takes only the whites."

Michael Houstoun, regarded as New Zealand's foremost pianist, writes "When I saw all this wonderful music it made me want to learn the piano all over again from the beginning!"

Sunrise is accompanied by a CD of the works played by Gillian Bibby, Craig Utting and Mary Barber.