Bastien Piano Favorite Classic Melodies 1

Bastien Piano Favorite Classic Melodies 1

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This collection contains famous literature from the opera, orchestral, and piano worlds, expertly arranged for beginning students.

Many early level selections have duet parts for teachers.

Correlated with the Bastien Piano Library, they can be used with any beginning piano method. A delight for students and parents. Enjoy and learn!



  • 1. Song [Anon]
  • 2. Latin [Norton, Cristopher]
  • 3. Gavotte [Couperin, Francois]
  • 4. The Trees They Do Grow So High [Trad. English]
  • 5. Fascinating Rhythm [Gershwin, George]
  • 6. Lyke As The Birds That Swallows Hight [Whythorne, Thomas]
  • 7. Bouree [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  • 8. Study [Orsi, Romeo]
  • 9. The Policeman's Song (Pirates of Penzance) [Sullivan, Arthur]
  • 10. Picnic [Pogson, Steve]
  • 11. Waltz [Smetana, Bedrich]
  • 12. Peru [Mower, Mike]
  • 13. Basse dance [Warlock, Peter]
  • 14. Traditional American Tune [Frankie And Johnny]