An Introduction to Classics to Moderns

An Introduction to Classics to Moderns

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Original, quality repertoire for the absolute beginner. Includes 40 very easy original keyboard miniatures, the majority of them in five-finger positions.

This title has selections that range in difficulty from SMP Level 1-25-finger patterns still used but position changes are more frequent including one octave scale passages. Some 3 note chords.


  • Dudelsack  Composed by Unknown, G Major
  • Old German Dance  Composed by Michael Praetorius, C Major
  • Curtain Raiser  Composed by Daniel Gottlob Turk, C Major
  • Carefree  Composed by Daniel Gottlob Turk, G Major
  • Roundelay  Composed by Joachim Von Der Hofe, G Major
  • Echo Dance  Composed by Philip Hainhofer, G Major
  • Allemande  Composed by Michael Praetorius, G Major
  • Gavotte  Composed by George Frideric Handel, C Major
  • Minuet  Composed by Alexander Reinagle, G Major
  • Scherzino  Composed by Alexander Reinagle, C Major
  • Etude Melodique  Composed by R. Ch. Martin, C Major
  • Bagatelle  Composed by Anton Diabelli, G Major
  • Minuetto  Composed by James Hook, C Major
  • Duettino  Composed by Thomas Atwood, C Major
  • Song In Parallel Motion  Composed by Louis Kohler, G Major
  • Two Little Inventions  Composed by Jakub Jan Ryba, C Major, A Minor
  • Quadrille  Composed by Franz Joseph Haydn, C Major
  • Little Suite On Five Note Patterns  Composed by Heinrich Wohlfahrt
  • Two Little Canons  Composed by Fritz Spindler, C Major, D Minor
  • The Wayside Rose  Composed by Adolph Kohl, F Major
  • Bear Dance, Op. 68  Composed by Robert Schumann, A Minor
  • Contredanse  Composed by Heinrich Wohlfahrt, F Major
  • Pass in Review  Composed by Cornelius Gurlitt, F Major
  • Evening Song  Composed by Kalman Chovan, G Major
  • Morning Call  Composed by Kalman Chovan, D Major
  • Hungarian Play Tune  Composed by Istvan Bartalus, G Major
  • Canzonetta  Composed by Geza Horvath, A Minor
  • Russian Dance  Composed by Alexander Fiodorovich Goedicke, G Major
  • Black Key Frolic  Composed by Elena Gnessina, Gb Major
  • promenade  Composed by Elena Gnessina, D Major
  • Ukranian Folk Tune  Composed by Dmitri Kabalevsky, G Major
  • Little Polka  Composed by Dmitri Kabalevsky, C Major
  • Cradle Song  Composed by Dmitri Kabalevsky, E Minor
  • Spring Song  Composed by Bela Bartok, G Major
  • Dialogue  Composed by Bela Bartok, A Minor
  • Fanfare  Composed by Denes Agay, C Major
  • Galloping Home (For Lunch)  Composed by Martin Kalmanoff, C Major