American Popular Piano Etudes 5

American Popular Piano Etudes 5

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This course of study for piano, published by Novus Via Music Group, is now distributed by Hal Leonard. It features eleven progressive levels, with four different books at each level: repertoire, etudes, skills, and technic. It starts with a preparatory level for first year students, and then includes levels 1-10 for ten years of study. These books provide comprehensive curriculum in diverse musical styles.

Students who use the books in this series will learn how to: develop traditional pianistic and musical skills through music in contemporary, popular styles; be motivated to practice by working on music that is familiar, fun and that they can't wait to play; nurture their creativity and spontaneity through a user-friendly modular approach to improvisation; and enjoy regular ensemble playing, finding pleasure in a lifelong relationship with music.


  • A Good Day, Modules 1-4 
  • Workout, Modules 1-4 
  • Breakfast Time, Modules 1-4 
  • Grizzly, Modules 1-4 
  • It Takes Two, Modules 1-4 
  • Left Behind, Modules 1-4 
  • Floating Away, Modules 1-4 
  • The Showman, Modules 1-4 

  • Improvisation Performance Etudes 
  • A Good Day 
  • Workout 
  • Breakfast Time 
  • Grizzly 
  • It Takes Two 
  • Left Behind 
  • Floating Away 
  • The Showman 

  • Technical Etudes - Classical 
  • Moderato by Duvernoy 
  • Allegretto by F. Le Couppey 
  • Allegretto by C. Mayer 
  • Allegretto by C. Czerny 
  • Allegretto by C. Gurlitt 
  • Moderato by C. Stamaty 
  • Allegro by C. Czerny 
  • Allegro by L. Schytte 

  • Technical Etudes - Pop 
  • Fishpond 
  • The Darkening Clouds 
  • Early Morning Run 
  • The Bell Ringer 
  • My Best Day 
  • A Little Bossa 
  • All For One 
  • Round the Park