Trinity Singing Grade 2 2018-2021

Trinity Singing Grade 2 2018-2021

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This book contains a selection of the 15 songs for the Trinity Singing Grade 2
Exam, carefully chosen, graded and edited by a panel of experts.

Teaching notes are included for each song, giving valuable insights to help
with exam preparation, as well as a spoken pronunciation guide for all song

Encompassing a wide range of styles and genres at every grade, this
progressive series provides a wealth of engaging repertoire for any singer.

Piano accompaniments performed by Pamela Lidiard.

Teaching notes written by Luise Horrocks.


  • Trad.arr. O’Neill / Farewell Lad
  • Robertson / Westering Home
  • Anderson / Evening in Autumn
  • Baynon / The Spanish Man
  • Thiman / The Lark
  • Nelson / Ghosts in the Belfry
  • Burtch / The World’s End
  • Crawley / Abdul, the Magician
  • Crawley / Grizelda
  • Exley / A Fly
  • Skempton / Pigs Could Fly
  • Telfer / On the Back of an Eagle
  • Vine / Love Me Sweet
  • Coghlan & Coghlan / Rocking in Rhythm
  • Hamilton / Chocolate (from Just Desserts)