Piano Fun Roderick MacFarlane Book 2

Piano Fun Roderick MacFarlane Book 2

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Contains 25 easy pieces (mainly grades 1, 2 and 3) with a variety of modern rhythms students can relate to and love to play.  Quirky, repetitive bass formations support the melodic line in a way which encourages rhythmically taut and well defined playing.  We find these pieces very motivating as they sound much more difficult than they are –and that is what we all want!!


Sleeping Koala, Grade 1

Sydney Stomp, Grade 3

Licorice Allsort, Grade 1

Short bread Shuffle, Grade 1

The Mosquito, Grade 1

Easy Rock, Grade 2,

Jungle Jog II, Grade 1

Jungle Jog III, Grade 2

A Dog's Tale, Grade 2,

Flat Chat, Grade 2,

Worried Man's Blues II, Grade 1

Worried Man's Blues III, Grade 2

Sinister Blues, Grade 3

Return of the Ape, Grade 2

Sydney Sleuth, Grade 2

Bent Spoon Swing, Grade 2

Charmed I'm Sure, Grade 2

Pixie Parade, Grade 2

Look Left, Grade 2

Blues Ballad, Grade 3

Carnival, Grade 4

Ballad, Grade 2

Butterfly Rock, Grade 1

Jaws 5, Grade 3

Pete and Dave, Grade 2