Wedgwood After Hours Piano 1

Wedgwood After Hours Piano 1

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After Hours Book 1 is the first in a series of five books by Pam Wedgwood, arranged for the grade 3-5 pianist. It is a collection of new and original pieces in a variety of styles to suit any mood - from sentimental ballads to cosy dinner jazz, wistful blues to cheerful, upbeat tunes - providing the perfect antidote to stress.

So conjure up the dimly lit atmosphere of a jazz club, and relax with these lush harmonies and laid-back melodies.


  1. Call It A Day
  2. Survivor
  3. Greenlands
  4. In The Gardens Of Giverney
  5. The Gypsy King
  6. My Valentine
  7. Remember When
  8. Icicles
  9. Cafe De Paris
  10. The Window Seat
  11. Pastimes
  12. Nympheas
  13. No Worries
  14. Come Dance With Me
  15. Clouds