Yossi Steinberg Brooches

Yossi Steinberg Brooches

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Had made by Yossi Steinberg, a contemporary Israeli artist.

Using hand painted acrylic, artists resin and Austrian crystals, in combination with pearls, and silver or gold plated wire, to create beautiful works of art.

His style is whimsical, yet rich in colour and composition.

All these items are original designs.

Yossi creates and works in Tel Aviv, Israel.


Piano measures 5cm Wide, 5cm high at tallest point

Guitar measures 6.5cm High, 3.5cm Wide

Semi quavers measure 5.5cm High (total), 4cm Wide (total),(2.5cm quaver stick to quaver stick)

Sheep measures 5 cm Wide, 4.5cm High

Fish measures 5cm Wide, 5cm High