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Clear Pockets are a large clear plastic pocket usually affixed on the front of the left inside expandable pocket. The photo shows one on the left side in a Choralex folder.

You can place one on both left and right expandable pockets in The Deluxe Black Folder.

Information is visible right to the bottom of the page for your concert program or service leaflet, through the transparent pocket... you no longer need to pull your concert program out of a pocket to find (and show the audience that you don't know) what you're singing next... it's easily accessible to read through the plastic with this handy option.

This is for

  • Directors to hold rehearsal planning notes
  • Church choirs - for singers to hold service leaflets
  • For any singers, to hold programme containing concert order and/or special directions for changes in choir standing position, etc.
  • Storing name tags


The Clear Pocket keeps information secure, visible through the plastic, and discreetly accessible...