Faber The Best of Grade 4 Violin

Faber The Best of Grade 4 Violin

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Over the years, many examination pieces have captured the imagination of teachers and students, but the stars of past syllabuses are often forgotten. The Best of Grade 4 Violin brings together best-loved pieces from current and past syllabuses, including Hindu Song (Rimsky-Korsakov), Sometime Maybe (Wedgwood) and Fly me to the Moon (Howard).

Containing fresh editions of folk and classical masterpieces alongside contemporary favourites, all pieces have been rigorously researched by violin expert Jessica O’Leary. Online audio of performance and accompaniment tracks are available, as are useful practice tips. This book includes pieces from current and past Trinity and ABRSM syllabuses.


  1. Glass (Fitkin)
  2. Scottish Brawl (Attaingnant)
  3. Rondino (Hadjiev)
  4. Mazurka (Baklanova)
  5. Prelude (Cohen)
  6. Rondeau from Abdelazar (Purcell)
  7. Rondino (Hadjiev)
  8. Air Polonais (Weber)
  9. Concerto in D major (Telemann)
  10. Preludio (Vivaldi)
  11. La Cinquantaine (Gabriel-Marie)
  12. Hindu Song (Rimsky-Korsakov )
  13. Virelai (Elgar)
  14. Fly Me To The Moon(Howard)
  15. Sometime Maybe (Wedgwood)