Don King, How to Play Guitar, Book 1

Don King, How to Play Guitar, Book 1

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A fun book for class or individual learning.

Aimed at inspiring students by exploring a wide variety of musical styles,
while developing a strong foundation of classical fingerstyleplaying skills.

  • For beginners of all ages

  • The comprehensive step-by-step approach, clear diagrams and illustrations make learning easy and enjoyable

  • Written especially for classes and groups, the book is also suitable for individual students learning with a teacher, or for those who prefer to teach themselves

A special feature is the wide variety of music to inspire students. There are:

  • Classical, traditional, renaissance and rock tunes
  • Abalance of solos, duets, trios, quartets and song accompaniments.

Students will love to explore these different sounds, and in doing so,
will achieve a real understanding of music, and an ability in a range of
playing techniques.

At the completion of this first book, students will have learnt:

  • To read and play all the main notes in the first position

  • To play some basic first position chords.

Other areas studied include:

  • Note values

  • Key signatures and time signatures

  • Rests and tied notes

  • Dotted rhythms, accent and syncopation

  • Arpeggios