Fiddle Time Runners Piano Accompaniment, 3rd Edition

Fiddle Time Runners Piano Accompaniment, 3rd Edition

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Fiddle Time Runners is the second book in the popular Fiddle Time series, which is enjoyed by students and teachers all over the world. It contains Kathy and David Blackwell's trademark attractive and engaging compositions that appeal to learners of all ages.

This book contains piano accompaniments for Fiddle Time Runners. Characterful and easy to play, these piano parts provide stylish accompaniments to all of the pieces in the pupil book. Essential for teachers and musical parents, this book will help motivate all young violinists as they learn to play.


Start the show
Banyan tree
Heat haze
Medieval tale
Cornish May song
Chase in the dark
Merrily danced the Quaker's wife
O leave your sheep
Jazzy Jingle bells, J. Pierpont
Allegretto in G, Mozart
The Mallow fling
Noël, Daquin
Finale from the 'Water Music', Handel
Ecossaise in G, Beethoven
Fiddle Time rag
Busy day
On the go!
Yodelling song
Takin' it easy
Romani band
Ten thousand miles away
I got those fiddle blues
Air in G, J. C. Bach
Prelude from 'Te Deum', Charpentier
That's how it goes!
Hari coo coo
Summer evening
Flamenco dance
Adam in the garden
Somebody's knocking at your door
The old chariot
Air, Handel
The wee cooper o'Fife
Winter song
Rory O'More
Trick cyclist
Caribbean sunshine