Grade by Grade Flute Grade 2

Grade by Grade Flute Grade 2

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The Grade By Grade series draws on the rich and varied Boosey & Hawkes catalogue of classical, contemporary and educational repertoire, highlighting composers including Serge Prokofieff, Dmitri Shostakovich, Karl Jenkins, Carol Barratt and Christopher Norton, alongside arrangements of traditional music from around the world by Peter Wastall, Vera Gray and others.

Carefully selected by Janet Way, this practical anthology provides the complete repertoire resource for the aspiring Grade 2 flautist and creates the perfect package for teaching, exam preparation and performance.

Each volume contains:

• 19 pieces & short studies, each complemented by a useful practice and performance tip
• grade-appropriate scales and arpeggios linked to the repertoire through bespoke text and exercises
• brand new sight-reading activities
• newly-commissioned aural awareness tasks
• a piano accompaniment booklet

Packaged with a CD of full performance demonstrations, piano backing tracks, and grade-appropriate aural awareness resources.


  • Traditional American                   Shaker Melody
  • Kohler                                         Study in G
  • Soussmann                                 Study Op.34
  • Ian Green                                    Raindance
  • Praetorius                                   Branske de la Torche
  • Traditional Peruvian                  Peruvian Dance Tune
  • Ian Green                                    Bouncin'
  • Norton                                        A Walk by the Sea
  • Schickhardt                                 Vivache fr 'Sonata in D'
  • Traditional Scottish                     Staten Island ~Reel
  • Karen Street                                Go for it
  • Couperin                                     Gavotte
  • Bach                                            Minuet for Anna Magdaleena
  • Tchaikovsky                                 Barcarolle
  • Prokofiev                                     Troika
  • Traditional Estonian                     Estonian Round
  • Janet Way                                     Creative Reflection
  • Berbiguier                                    Duetto in A minor
  • Traditional English                       Coventry Carol