Jazzin' Around for Piano, Book 6, Kerin Bailey

Jazzin' Around for Piano, Book 6, Kerin Bailey

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The pieces in the Jazzin’ Around for Piano series contain a wealth of stylistic devices, techniques and ideas for the aspiring jazz (or classical) pianist. All are accessible, fit beautifully under smaller hands and make attractive repertoire for recitals, exams or simply leisure. Each album may be played as a suite or the pieces individually or in any combination across the set.

Broad range of contemporary styles – march, disco/rock, swing, jazz waltz, bossa nova, bebop jazz. Fully notated with fingering, articulation, phrasing, pedaling etc; separate chord charts; ‘catchy’ melodies and modern chord voicings.

Lower to upper intermediate – Grade 2-6/7

Designed to be a pleasure to play.

AMEB, ANZCA and other exam listings. Ideal as extra list/leisure pieces.


March of the Brass Band-Gr 3

Bass Rules-Gr 2

Triplet Cascades-Gr 4

Cha Cha Chaser-Gr 4

The latin Touch-Gr 5

Buckleboo Shuffle-Gr 6

Dance on the Nightingale Floor-Gr 6-7