Poco Theory for Young Musicians Grade 3, 4th Edition

Poco Theory for Young Musicians Grade 3, 4th Edition

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Poco Music Theory Series is aiming to lay a strong foundation in theory, this series is carefully designed to prepare students for ABRSM Music Theory exams. Following pedagogical principles and visual design principles, it provides a progressive introduction to musical concepts while providing exercises and drills, from simple to complex, with step-by-step guides, to put these concepts into practice.

Key features include:

  • Simplified instructions and explanations
  • Step by step guides to tackling exam questions
  • Visual aids explaining complex concepts
  • A model test paper
  • Short study notes and quick revision
  • References and exercises linking theory to practice


  • Rhythm 1
  • Rhythm 2
  • Pitch
  • Keys and Scales
  • Intervals
  • Tonic Triads
  • Terms and Signs
  • Music in Context
  • Model Test Paper
  • Quick Revision