Trinity Piano Exams from 2023 Grade 7

Trinity Piano Exams from 2023 Grade 7

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This book contains 12 newly selected pieces for Trinity Piano Grade 7 exams from 2023, carefully chosen, graded and edited by a panel of experts, along with informative performance notes to help students and teachers get the mostout of the repertoire. It also includes the technical exercises required for the exam, which have been newly composed for the 2023 syllabus.

Encompassing a hugely expanded range of styles and genres including the following at every grade:

Classical pieces from Baroque to 21st Century
Jazz and Latin from well-known standards to modern-day repertoire
A huge range of new brand-new compositions in classical and jazz styles
Arrangements of global pop hits both past and present artists.
Music from Stage and Screen including bestselling Films, TV shows and Video Games.
An extended edition of this book is also available, which includes 21 pieces: everything in this book plus 9 more pieces. The extended edition also includes the scales and arpeggios for the grade, and downloadable demonstration audio for all 21 pieces.

This book can be used in conjunction with Trinitys 2021 piano books, which remain valid for the 2023 syllabus. This book can also be used for Trinitys brand-new Repertoire-Only Pathway for Digital Grades.


  • Prelude in B minor (Dibble)
  • Etude no. 17 (Montgeroult)
  • Push Pull (Skevington)
  • Long Drive in the Rain (Tebbs)
  • To Zanarkand (from Final Fantasy X) (Uematsu, arr. Music Lah)
  • Spain (Corea, arr. Vicari)
  • Mixed Nuts (from Spy x Family) (Fujihara, arr. Human)
  • Corcovado (Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars) (Jobim, arr. Williams)
  • Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence (Sakamoto)
  • Reverie (Szalit)
  • Airships (Tebbs)
  • No Surprises (Radiohead, arr. Cohen)